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Costume Studio Demonstrator (Community-created project), Studio Artist Program, Denver Art Musuem, Denver, CO. 2017

As a studio artist demonstrator at DAM (Denver Art Museum) I installed selected archived works, displayed correlating visual media, and facilitated a community-created garment inspired by deity Ganesh in a pop-up replica studio. While working in public forum I demonstrated free-form construction, draping, serging, sewing, hand-embroidery and beading. The concept behind the community-created garment was to build layers allowing the garment to evolve via the free expression and imagination of contributing visitors. The visitors were offered a selection of items to contribute to the piece, such as appliqué or embellishment. Through two weekend demonstrations, visitors of all ages collectively added to the garment, and in a sense collaborated with one another. Each visitor navigated around the last by placing their work in a manner that progressed the garment. As a result, the garment transformed beautifully in unity. Through color symbolism the piece seemed to project brightness and evoke happiness among visitors while representing yellow's association with knowledge, intellect, peace, and creativity.

Visual Media displayed during DAM Studio Artist demo:

Pictured from the left: Goddess Kali Ma portrayed by Alees Yvon, Goddess Benten portrayed by Stephanie Inagaki and Goddess Durga portrayed by Alees Yvon. Photographed by Tas Limur. Jewelry provided by designer Marianna Harutunian. Hair for Goddess Benten by Michaela Limur.