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Jessica Rowell is a poly-disciplinary conceptual artist with origins in traditional art. Her great-grandmother, an immigrant of Sicily, worked as a factory garment laborer in the United States sewing military uniforms, and later documented herself as a self-employed seamstress via consensus record. Her great-grandmother’s brief presence immensely affected Jessica’s life as a child, and she regards her work within the scope of fashion as an extension and continuation of her great-grandmother’s passion. Jessica’s first project as a seamstress occurred around age 8, where she found joy in the solitary process of creating and designing a tangible piece. Later on, Jessica used fashion to experiment with self-expression through altering and repurposing garments then eventually started sewing clothing. Her evolution of work has spanned over 15 years with origins in traditional art. She’s cultivated knowledge and experience via independent study while navigating and creating solutions within the unknown and in moments of trial-and-error. Weaving through various mediums within the realm of fashion, she has joined skill-set in garment design, garment construction, embroidery, beading, draping, painting, sculpture, makeup artistry, hair styling, art direction, set design, visual media, production and photography. Creating a repertoire of upcycled fashion via textile waste from deadstock, reclaimed, recycled, salvaged, donated and thrifted materials, she has since shifted into sustainable fashion utilizing ethically sourced organic certified eco-textiles and natural plant-based dyes. Jessica’s creative process is intentional, meditative and ritualistic in approach bypassing the traditional and technical processes associated with garment design and construction. Merging her experiences collectively into a singular channel via fashion in an ongoing effort to inspire, inform, and impact through visual storytelling and activism.  

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Institutions- Denver Art Museum, Fashion Institute of Technology, National World of WearableArt Museum. Organizations- Vocal New York, Queens Solid Waste Advisory Board, Pussy Power House, The Young Center. Publications- New York Times, Bust Magazine, Kaltblut, Afropunk, Huf, Institute, Raine, Papercut, Noctis, Coilhouse. Celebrities/Activists- Catriona Gray, Ariadna Gutierrez, Nico Tortorella, Desmond Napoles, Nina Flowers, Melanie Gaydos, Audrey Kitching.